Are you concerned about your health and well being at home? What about your comfort and safety? Does becoming more environmentally responsible make sense to you?

If so, you are in the right place at the right time. Our team members have helped thousands of homeowners with these concerns and objectives by delivering custom air quality and ventilation solutions special for every home. To view pictures of jobs we have completed in the past, check out our blog!

We want to meet you and talk to you in person, no matter how big or small your concern might be. Our in-home consultation will walk you through critical components of what makes a home comfortable including air quality, heating, cooling and ventilation. References can be provided to show you what we've done to help out another homeowner that wanted to solve the same problems you did.


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Meet Max!
Our air quality ambassador

The reason we use a canary as our company mascot is because of their part in air quality history.

Well into the 20th century, coal miners brought canaries into coal mines as an early-warning signal for toxic gases, primarily carbon monoxide.

Max believes every home deserves the cleanest air possible. Do you think you can improve the indoor air quality in your home?

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Air Quality

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If you're like most Canadians, chances are you pay little attention to the quality of air in your home...

  • Indoor Air Quality is important because one in five Canadians has some form of respiratory disease
  • Indoor air has 2-5 times as many chemical pollutants as outdoor air
  • There are over 20,000 radon induced lung cancer deaths per year in North America
  • Everyone can be affected by indoor air quality, some more more than others - the young, the elderly, the ill
  • The effect of dampness and molds on the respiratory health of children is equal in the power to that of parental smoking

"We eat approximately 2-3 lbs. of food per day, we drink approximately 3-4 lbs. of water per day, and we breathe approximately 30-40 lbs. of air per day. We spend far more time indoors all year round - as much as 90% of our time - That means 27 out of that 30 lbs. of air we breathe each day is indoor air - much of it from our homes."

Without ventilation, normal activities such as laundry, cooking and showers can cause excessive moisture generation resulting in high humidity, occupant discomfort, bacterial or fungus growth and lingering odours.

During the winter months, however, when the air is much drier, proper indoor humidification provides a healthier, more comfortable living environment.

Some household members may have headaches, or irritations of the nose, throat, lungs, eyes or skin.

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How We Help

“My room is so cold”

“Does anyone know a good hvac company?”

“My sinuses are driving me crazy”

“Our energy bills keep getting more expensive”

MAXAIRE can help

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  • Human influenza
  • Common cold
  • Avian influenza
  • Wild Type A influenza
  • Measles
  • Smallpox
  • SARS
  • Bacillus subtillis (anthrax surrogate)
  • Mycobacterium parafortuitum (tuberculosis)
  • Staphylococcus aureus (staph infections)
  • Streptococcus (strep throat)
  • Serratia marcescens
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Aspergillus versicolor
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