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Another Job Well Done

December 13, 2017

Another job well done… Upgraded old furnace and old water heater to new high efficiency. Tremendous airflow improvement in the home and savings on utility bills. Contact us for a free quote 416-578-8537 or visit us

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No More Headaches with Quietside Boilers!

December 13, 2017

These quietside boilers were installed in many subdivisions and have caused homeowners countless headaches. We have a fantastic solution for replacing these malfunctioning heating systems with reliable, high efficiency, energy efficient equipment that provides better heating and hot water to the home.

It does not matter if you are currently renting the quietside you have from another supplier, we can lawfully return it to them if they are not willing to service or replace this defective equipment without you signing a new agreement with them first…

Max says don’t sign anything without exploring all of your options first. We’re not just better than the other guy, we’re a lot better. Read our Homestars reviews to hear about how much we care for our customers:

Get the care you deserve, Go with Maxaire!!

Available as a purchase or rental with ten year warranty service included. Contact us today for more information at 416-578-8537 or visit us online at


Upgraded from original builder grade furnace

November 30, 2017

Another satisfied customer… Upgraded from original builder grade furnace to new high efficiency two stage operation. Customer will benefit from over $2500 in incentives and rebates, not to mention $1000’s on energy savings in coming years. Premium variable speed motor guarantees better airflow to all parts of the home. Ten year warranty on labour and parts backed by YORK est 1874.

If you want the job done right from the first time and the best service to follow on each and every visit, call us today at 416-578-8537 or visit us at

Some of our recent work on furnaces, humidifiers, water softeners and boilers

November 14, 2017

2 boiler jobs (top 2 and bottom 2) for custom homes being built. These will supply hot water for domestic and in floor heating


Customer called with no heat. We were able to install a new high efficiency furnace the following morning with a new humidifier


Upgrade from mid to high efficiency furnace with new humidifier and water softener23167925_2020222428266944_6697695552334423966_n

Do you live in a condo?

September 6, 2017

Do you live in a condo? Are you responsible for the heating and cooling inside? Our customer called us since his equipment was not working. We visited to complete a no obligation free inspection to diagnose what the problem was. Our technician provided a report to the condo owner and recommended a maintenance on the one unit in the bedroom and replacement of the other unit in the main area…


After providing a few different payment and warranty options, we got the best email response from our customer, he said “At this point I have received a few quotes from various companies. I will gladly say that your company is the most professional (by far) and as such I would be happiest doing business with MAXAIRE.”


We then visited to complete the installation. Here’s the old and the new. Clean job, that’s what we are all about! The next steps will be to register the equipment on behalf of our customer for warranty purposes and have our service manager KJ visit for a quality assurance post inspection which we include on every job.

Are you looking to schedule a maintenance or replace your heating and cooling equipment in your condo? Is it not working as well as it should be and you just want to get a better understanding about why and what options you might have?

Get the care you deserve, go with Maxaire! Check out our Homestars reviews. Contact us anytime at 416-578-8537 or visit us online at


Fujitsu Mini-Splits – The Highest Efficiency in Air Conditioning

July 29, 2017

What a beautiful area to work in 😊😊 Our customer called us to install a ductless split for his new pharmacy. We are proud to be official suppliers of the Fujitsu brand. These units boast the highest energy efficiency ratings in the industry. Backed by a comprehensive warranty our customer will enjoy cooling for many years to come. This system can also provide supplemental heating for additional comfort in the winter seasons. Are you looking for a solution to heat or cool one or more particular area of your home or office? We can help!! Call us today at 1-844-MAXAIRE or contact us online at for a free consultation.



Addition? Renovation? Remodel?

July 20, 2017

Are you building an addition to your home? Plan ahead and consult with us regarding the heating and cooling requirements for the proposed living space. We can provide you with information and options that have been helpful for other homeowners.

Should you upgrade your old furnace and air conditioner if it still works?

June 17, 2017

Our customer called us after being referred by another homeowner we completed work for. Initially, they just wanted to get an understanding of what’s involved in upgrading their 17 year old original furnace and air conditioner (that was still working okay). Since they were being proactive, they had all the time to do their research and feel comfortable with the decision they would be making.

After weighing out the pros and cons including return on investment, reliability and warranty, plus incentives offered by the manufacturer and government, they made the decision to go ahead with a new system. We started the job with a heat loss / heat gain calculation that tells us the precise sizing required. Then we completed a professional duct cleaning to get rid of any dust or junk in the vents since we are installing all new components. We completed the installation and about one week after we returned to complete a post inspection for quality assurance and whole home air balancing to make improvements on previous airflow challenges.

Our customer was very happy with the work and gave us a 10 star Homestars review. We’ve registered their premium ten year labour and parts warranty, submitted all of their rebate claims and will keep close follow up with them to make sure they receive all of the incentives promised to them.

Are you thinking about replacing your furnace or air conditioner? Contact us to schedule your free, no obligation consultation. We can help you determine what’s worthwhile and what is not. Visit us at or call us today at 1-844-MAXAIRE. We look forward to hearing from you

High Efficiency Furnace only $2215 (after tax) with Available Rebates

May 25, 2017

Our customer called us to replace their 30 year old air conditioner which has been giving them problems last few years. Considering all the rebates available the additional cost of doing a brand new high efficiency furnace with the job was only $2215 (including tax). The total rebates customer will net from this job were $1035 from Enbridge + $650 from IESO + $650 from YORK. All of which we help facilitate to ensure the money is received by the customer.

We included duct cleaning prior to the install and they couldn’t believe how much junk came out of the vents. There were code violations that are now corrected with the new installation. Customer is protected with a ten year labour and parts warranty backed by a brand in business over 130 years.

We will be completing a post inspection and complimentary whole home air balancing to make sure comfort for household members is ideal. If you want the job done right from beginning to end please call Karnik at 416-578-8537 or visit

The best indoor air quality for your home or business, it’s worth it!

March 13, 2017

Get the absolute best indoor air quality for your home as low as 99¢ a day including installation. At over 99.9% efficient, the Five Seasons duct mount HEPA air cleaner is the best way to enjoy clean air where you spend most of your time everyday! Contact us for more details at 1-844-MAXAIRE or visit us at


Ideal for new or newly renovated homes, people with allergies, asthma, respiratory illness, auto immune diseases, multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) or environmental hypersensitivity, plus light commercial establishments such as animal shelters and veterinary clinics, day care centers, doctor and dental offices, exercise areas, hair and nail salons, nursing homes, offices, smoking rooms, social clubs, waiting rooms and lots more.


Powerful 5-Stage Filtration System: This patent pending combination uses HEPA, UVC Ultra Violet Lights and Photo Catalytic Oxidation. It removes and destroys allergens, lung damaging dust, biological and chemical contaminants and odors such as toluene, benzene, cooking odors, tobacco smoke, bacteria, viruses, mold and more.