NTI Boiler Maintenance

February 27, 2019

Maintenance includes:
-New condensate line
-Clearing and cleaning of condensate P traps
-New flame sensing rod
-New burner door assembly, includes gasket
-New rear refrectory (heat sheild)
-Blower gasket replacement
-Cleaning of heat exchanger internally
-Inspection of Heat exchanger internally
-Cleaned burner tube
-Combustion Analysis and gas adjustments for clean combustion
Before:  Note the back refractory is damaged and cracked. All three were similar, Also note the scaling build up on the bottom. This build up prevents the unit from burning the natural gas as the unit is designed.
During: after removing the back refractor and debris. We use a light vinegar to break up mineral build ups and a maintenance brush supplied by NTI the manufacturer
Removed old rear refractors: pic below is in poor condition
Cleaned heat exchanger with new rear refractor:
Picture of new front door for the burner and the old front door for the burner. All doors and front refractors were replaced including seals.
reinstalled all parts and burner box:

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