Should you upgrade your old furnace and air conditioner if it still works?

June 17, 2017

Our customer called us after being referred by another homeowner we completed work for. Initially, they just wanted to get an understanding of what’s involved in upgrading their 17 year old original furnace and air conditioner (that was still working okay). Since they were being proactive, they had all the time to do their research and feel comfortable with the decision they would be making.

After weighing out the pros and cons including return on investment, reliability and warranty, plus incentives offered by the manufacturer and government, they made the decision to go ahead with a new system. We started the job with a heat loss / heat gain calculation that tells us the precise sizing required. Then we completed a professional duct cleaning to get rid of any dust or junk in the vents since we are installing all new components. We completed the installation and about one week after we returned to complete a post inspection for quality assurance and whole home air balancing to make improvements on previous airflow challenges.

Our customer was very happy with the work and gave us a 10 star Homestars review. We’ve registered their premium ten year labour and parts warranty, submitted all of their rebate claims and will keep close follow up with them to make sure they receive all of the incentives promised to them.

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