“Tser•kerut-talār” is what my customer told me after the installation of a new air conditioner today. It’s a special compliment in the Armenian language for when someone has done an exceptional job meaning “by the work of your hands”. 05/26/2016

September 27, 2016

On this job we relocated the unit from one side of the home to the other (since it’s a shorter distance to furnace and will no longer be in the way going to the backyard). The installers did a really clean job inside out… Customer is covered with a 10 year labor and parts warranty and will get a $400 rebate!!

Rainy days in the summer time are not fun when the air conditioner breaks down and you are trapped indoors. Proactive maintenance is always a good idea and can tell you about the condition of your current heating and cooling equipment. Plan ahead, but even if you haven’t, we are still here for you. Get the care you deserve, go with MAXAIRE.

— in Markham, Ontario.