What a lovely backyard transformed into the gardens of paradise. Our Iranian customer’s kindness and hospitality was much appreciated while working on this job. 07/23/2016

September 27, 2016

Persian style tea, homemade blueberry cake, and the double Apple flavoured shisha. Outside by the garden our customer knows how to enjoy life! — in Markham, Ontario.


So much care is required to create such a beautiful thing like this. Care goes a long way in any project. Attention to detail is also important which is why we always complete a post inspection on every installation.


The old air conditioner had failed and they called us to replace it ASAP. With elderly members living in the home we were careful and timely in completing this project. When we visited we determined it’s sensible to be proactive and replace the full system including the furnace. It wasn’t a standard job the guys had to do the installation laying sideways most of the time. We were extremely careful on our pre-inspection to make sure our game plan will be well executed and it was. Our customer will get 2 rebate checks for this upgrade for $1450 and another for $250. Higher amounts are eligible.


Before and after. There will be significant energy savings in this case as we went from mid-efficiency to high. Strong financial incentives are offered for these upgrades. In addition the customer has the piece of mind of a brand new furnace for the coming winter season with a warranty backed by a company in business for over 130 years!


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